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Van Gogh Portrait

Van Gogh Portrait

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[shortdesc]green-okay 86 bricks
green-okay Instructions
green-okay Box: None[/shortdesc]

  • 13.2cm x 5cm x 8cm
  • 86 of smooth Nano blocks
  • Comes base plate with stand
  • Vibrant colored puzzle blocks
  • High quality non toxic ABS plastic
  • Clear instructions (Scan QR code in the packaging)

If you love the arts then you will love the Van Gogh Portrait 3d puzzle blocks. The historic painting is now in blocks form. Build it while learning about the history of the artwork and the artist behind it. The vibrant colors make it very reminiscent to the real painting. Collect all of 5 Nano blocks paintings.

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  • Van Gogh Portrait
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