Wholesale-become a partner


BLOCK-CENTER offers a unique opportunity for large/small retailers and wholesalers in the 3D puzzle/building toys industry.


1. Have a thriving retail or wholesale business with shared values and purpose.
2. Retailers agree to sell BLOCK-CENTER items at the full retail price published on block-center.com. No markups or discounts with the exception of periodic sales.
3. Display BLOCK-CENTER items well and use digital images from BLOCK-CENTER on all web store platforms
4. Only use BLOCK-CENTER published print and digital materials for sales and marketing purposes. 


      Send partnership request to hello@block-center.com along with a business website link, and statement of business mission and values. One of our team members will review the request and get back to you shortly after.

      Upon approval wholesale Partners will receive a significant discount on the complete BLOCK-CENTER line.

      *Please note that the discount you receive will only be applicable to the items that are the full retail price. When BLOCK-CENTER runs a sale, wholesale partners are not eligible for these discounts.

      We are grateful for all those who choose to partner with us. For  more information Please don't hesitate to send all questions and inquiries to hello@block-center.com.