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[shortdesc] green-okay 1360 bricks
green-okay Instructions
green-okay Box: optional[/shortdesc]
  • Create a mouthwatering model of a gourmet sushi meal using 1360 bricks
  • An amazing set of brick sushi bites, plus a plate, dips, and chopsticks
  • This tasty-looking display piece has a distinct Oriental flavor to its design!
  • LOZ conforms to all safety standards, not suitable for children under 3 years
  • Includes easy-to-follow instructions with images (universal)


Got an appetite for construction? Tuck into these scrummy food blocks sets - they're packed with all the ingredients you need to create a tempting tray of treats. Whether you have a taste for the traditional or you're a fan of fast food, there's a LOZ food set to satisfy!

Just like Lego, each kit contains hundreds of colourful blocks for you to assemble. What makes LOZ unique is that the blocks are super-tiny, so they allow for a much higher level of detail. The included instructions are your recipe for success, while the fun element of these sets will leave you hungry for more!

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