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Love Rose

Love Rose

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green-okay 920 bricks
green-okay Instructions
green-okay Box: optional
  • The perfect way to say I love you, this multi-piece set has 920 bricks and a
    display stand
  • Create a beautiful and romantic scene with rings and roses! Measures 17.6x12cm
  • LOZ conforms to all safety standards, not suitable for children under 3 years
  • Includes easy-to-follow instructions with images (universal)


Do you enjoy the challenge of brick-building toys? Do you want to feel proud of a display model that you assembled by yourself? Then get your hands on this super-cool Crystal Rose set! Including hundreds of perfectly proportioned pieces in vibrant colors, this set provides hours of interest for kids and adults of all ages.

Once completed, each model is packed with personality and makes for the best room décor! The pieces may be small, but they're so easy to work with, even for novice builders. They allow you to bring to life your favorite flower in awesome detail and showcase your model-making skills too.

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