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Let it Bee |  3d puzzle | nano blocks |
Let it Bee |  3d puzzle | nano blocks |
Let it Bee |  3d puzzle | nano blocks |
Let it Bee |  3d puzzle | nano blocks |
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Let it Bee

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green-okay 760 bricks
green-okay Instructions
green-okay Box included
  • The toy comes in a presentable box so you can put your items on display anywhere inside the house
  • An easy-to-follow instruction is included in the package
  • Cartoon-like bee building blocks model

Are you headed to get your kid one of those lego sets? We have something that might shake your interest. Why not get your kid this bee nanoblock instead? For one thing, mini blocks are a lot cuter compared to the big ones. Let's face it. The main reason your kid actually gets out there and starts building his sets is that he is excited about what his model will look like. Because of the much tinier and shorter blocks, the end product gives off a somewhat three-dimensional look, adding more panache to the toy. 

If you plan to send this toy as a gift to a toddler then this bee mini blocks set would be doing a pretty good job of preparing the kid for school life. Just by mixing and matching the different patterns, the child will be able to develop his logic and creativity skills. 

This mini blocks set is so cute that you don't even have to give this toy to any kid. You can buy it for yourself. 

And when you're finished putting it together, you can set is as a decoration in your living room or bedroom.

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If you have questions or if you are having trouble with your order, please contact us! Fill in our contact form and include your email address or order number for the fastest assistance.

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