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Kitty Flower Pot 3D Wooden

Kitty Flower Pot 3D Wooden

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green-okay 65 PCS
green-okay Instructions
green-okay Box: Included

  •  65-piece wooden kitty flower pot
  • The set includes an easy-to-follow instruction
  • The toy also comes with a box that keeps it protected all throughout shipping

Is your child asking for a new toy but you've already given her all the best toys in the mall? We have a suggestion. Why not get your kid one of these Kitty Flower Pot 3D construction sets? 

These days kids prefer more modern toys, the ones that require either electricity or battery. As fun as these toys can be, nothing beats the more traditional approach in playing. 

Using our wooden kitty flower pot 3D, your kid will be able to rush and adrenaline of being able to piece together one whole character. Along the process, your child will also be able to develop his higher thinking and creativity. 

The toy comes in three-dimensional design with authentic colors when it is in its full form. The cat stands with both of its arms spreading outwards. Succulents sit on top of the cat's head. 

We have a great customer support team that are always available 24/7. We also have free shipping worldwide. Complete sets are guaranteed but if you find that there is something missing, you can just give our team a ping and we will make sure to take care of it. Our products are delivered by a machine.


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