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Ceratopsian Robot

Ceratopsian Robot

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green-okay 117 bricks
green-okay Instructions
green-okay Original box
green-okay AA Batteries

  • 117 bricks, pipes, and wheels let you create an awe-inspiring motorized model!
  • A brightly-colored moving model that's half dinosaur and half robot
  • This crazy critter requires 2xAA batteries to start up the robotic movement
  • LOZ conforms to all safety standards, not suitable for children under 3 years
  • Includes easy-to-follow instructions with images (universal)

  • Bored of plain old bricks? With LOZ Robotic Jungle motor building blocks you can literally bring your creation to life! Assemble the pieces, add batteries, and watch in awe as the inbuilt motor powers your robot. Dependent on the model you choose, your mechanical creature can replicate authentic walking action, cruise along on wheels, or spin its eyes around 360 degrees!
    These motorized creations feature awesome robotic action and are highly advanced to encourage your kids’ imagination and technical skills.
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