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Bunny Flower Pot 3D Wooden

Bunny Flower Pot 3D Wooden

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green-okay 65 PCS
green-okay Instructions
green-okay Box: Included

  • A cute and adorable wooden bunny flower pot that you can display in your house.
  • The set comes in easy-to-follow instructions making it a conducive toy for people of all ages
  • Comes with a protective box

If you are looking for a new pastime, then we have something for you. Why don’t you spend your free time assembling construction pieces from our wooden bunny flower pot set?

This toy comes with 65 puzzle pieces that you can use to assemble your bunny pot on your own. Playing this game is so satisfying. You can decide to buy the toy to yourself and purchase it as a gift for young siblings or friends. 

The toy comes in aesthetic and realistic pieces. In its complete form, the toy appears in a three-dimensional form making you feel as if you are looking straight at a real-life creature. 

Aside from being a toy, you can also make this a decoration for your room or living area. We have other flower pot sets that you might to look into. All the variety can enliven your house space. 

We guarantee complete sets so you won’t have to worry about wasted money. Our products are delivered by a machine. Even if you did find something missing, just give our customer support a pin and we will take care of everything. Our customer support is available 24/7. The item also comes with free shipping worldwide. 


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