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Ancient Po Chi Lam Clinic

Ancient Po Chi Lam Clinic

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green-okay 1745 bricks
green-okay Instructions

green-okay Boxes: optional

  • Create the historic Ancient Po Chi Lam Clinic
  • 3 storeys of the entire Ancient Po Chi Lam Clinic
  • Easy to follow instructions

  • Explore and build the historic and most popular clinic in ancient China with the Ancient Po Chi Lam Clinic 3d puzzle blocks. Showcasing realistic features down to the tiniest detail, all 3 storeys in one blocks set.

    Whether you've got a favorite structure whose beauty you can't stay away from, or you want to set up an individual structure just for fun, these famous buildings nano blocks sets will give you hours of enjoyment.

    Collect all 3 to create the entire Ancient China Street Bundle:

    Tea House - 1645 pieces
    Po Chi Lam Clinic - 1745 pieces
    Inns - 1692 pieces

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