Frequently asked questions

Information about shipping and delivery can be found on this page.

Do you have spare building instructions or virtual copies?
All products consist of having building constructions in their package, however we do not own any spare physical building instructions. We are working on making virtual instruction accessible but for now they remain to be unavailable.

Are you able to provide loose brick pieces?
Our products are manufactured by a fully-automatic assembly line which guarantees that every model contains the right number of pieces. Unless we get multiple cases wherein the number of pieces is not correct, we do not provide any loose parts.

Parts of my set are missing; can I have replacement parts?
If there are parts of a set missing and you bought this set on, just send us a message with your order number. If you bought the set elsewhere we cannot help you with replacement parts. is a separate retailer and is not responsible for mistakes of other vendors.

Only a part of my order has arrived, where is the rest of my order?
We are always looking for the fastest shipping time available. To speed up the delivery time on some orders, we sometimes decide to ship items from different warehouses. This causes items to arrive separately from each other. Do not worry, the rest of the order will be on its way!

Why is there a big difference in price for including the original box?
This is because of additional shipping costs. Without the box, we can pack our products simple and small. If we include the box, the package its size increases, especially for bigger models. Bigger packages leads to more shipping costs.