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Dachshund Hot Dog Truck

Dachshund Hot Dog Truck

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green-okay 1317 bricks
green-okay Instructions
green-okay Box: optional
  • A Dachshund Hotdog Truck set that you can assemble on your own
  • The set comes in 1317 bricks with authentic and realistic colors
  • Just say the word and we'll deliver a box along with the toy

If you're a home person looking to start a new hobby project, then our Dachshund Hotdog Truck block set is the thing for you. 

This package comes in 1317 bricks that you'll be using to set up your own brick set toy. The appearance of the toy comes in a three-dimensional angle. The colors are realistic and authentic. 

Our Dachshund Hotdog Truck can also serve as a decent gift for children as well. Make sure they are at least four years old for safety precaution. 

This brick set comes with an easy-to-follow instruction that's accompanied with images so people of all ages can quickly assemble and set up their Dachshund Hotdog Truck. 

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