The Secret To Living A Long And Healthy Life

The Secret To Living A Long And Healthy Life

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Things aren't like they were in the past. Back in the days, people could expect to live up to a hundred years and it's not as horrible as some people may think. During those times, people who were able to live that long were strong enough to still live happily. 

These days, if you ever became lucky enough to live up to 100 years old, you would probably need the help of your grandchildren to make it through a day. 

So what is the secret to living a long and healthy life? Would you believe me if I say that it's really not much of a secret? The answer to this decade-old question is just hiding in plain sight. 

To live a long and healthy life is getting a dog. Now, I know that's really far from the kind of answer you were expecting to get but it's true. Read on and I'll prove it to you. 

A Dog Won't Ever Get Tired Of Receiving Your Love

There are many factors that contribute to a long life and being able to express yourself and be happy is one of them. 

Sure, you have your friends and family but you have to remember that they have their own life too. There will always be times when they are far too busy to be able to squeeze you into their schedule. Even though they are quite close to your heart, they are also different people. With that, it's not so surprising that they'd want to do their own thing from time to time. 

But don't worry because when you have a dog,  you'll have someone who will always be glad to receive your love. 

This might seem a bit petty but the truth is when you have a way to express yourself, this can contribute to a lot of health benefits. 

It is said that when you are able to keep yourself happy, your heart becomes less prone to heart attacks and other heart-targetted illnesses. 

Dogs Protect Their Owners

You have to remember that bad health isn't the only thing that can take away someone's life. Lots of things can happen. A burglar can break into your home. You could get shot while admiring your backyard. A stray dog could take a shot at biting you. The list goes on. 

One can say that they are always careful as a way to tell people that horrible things won't happen to them but you can't really tell for sure. Unfortunate events happen all the time when you least expect it. 

The great thing about having a dog is that they are extremely loyal. You've probably seen in the news many dogs have died just so they can save the lives of their owners. 

In no way are we promoting the death of dogs for the sake of people but you see what we're talking about. 

Having a dog at home is like having your very own bodyguard. Forget the sharp teeth. Dogs also happen to have a really good sense of smell. They can smell danger from a mile away. 

Having them around will certainly make you feel a lot more protected. 

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Dogs Are Great Stress-Relievers

People often blame bad health for the death of the people they know but it is often overlooked how stress can be a significant determinant. 

Stress can do a lot of things to people. For one thing, it can cause anxiety and depression. These kinds of illnesses do not only make people want to avoid social interaction, but it can also mess with someone's job or source of living. 

It may not directly end someone's life but it can get in the way of a person's healthy lifestyle. 

You never know. Maybe a person takes maintenance drugs to keep himself alive. Perhaps due to depression, a person is forced to eat unhealthy foods. These types of scenarios can comprise the health of people. The worse thing about mental issues is that it kills you slowly. Just because death is slow does not make it any better.

Stress targets the brain as well. Since the brain is actually the main organ that controls every aspect of your body, you shouldn't be surprised to find people who don’t feel like getting out of bed because of a certain illness. Maybe you'll get a cold or fever right after feeling stressed 

While these aren't exactly the kind of illnesses that kills a person on the spot but if untreated they can get worse and can truly compromise your well-being. 

Having a dog that wakes you up in the morning asking for breakfast or wanting a walk can cheer you up in a dozen ways. There's just something about their loving and jolly nature that makes you feel better after having a bad day. 

Dogs Help You To Be Marriage Material

We've never seen anyone dying due to not having a spouse but it's no secret that one of the keys to a happy life is marriage. 

Well, marriage won’t exactly make you happy. That's just one piece of a really long recipe. When we talk about happiness, we know that a lot of you are probably thinking of family. We all want a happy family. 

You could be successful in your career and all but if you don't have anyone to share that success with, it can get pretty lonely in the long run. 

Now here's a big question. Does unhappiness kill you? Probably not but it might. 

The concept of happiness is inconcrete. It's not an edged-sword that can strike at the heart. 

But while being unhappy won't kill you physically, it can do so emotionally. Feeling like something is missing in your life also comes with the feeling of dying inside. Again, this won't necessarily mean that you won't wake up the next day but going through this cycle can significantly compromise your health. 

When you become an unhappy person it can be particularly difficult to find someone to spend the rest of your life with. 

We all want to be successful and have a family someday but sometimes focusing too much on your career can make you forget how to have fun. 

It is a proven fact that single people who own a dog is much happier compared to people who are living alone with no pets. Having a dog at home develops you into the happy person that you'd want to get married to. You know what they say. You just attract the kind of energy you give to the world. With that, if you are a happy person, you are also likely to attract people in your life who are also happy and are secured enough to start a family. 

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What If You Can't Get A Dog?

There are lots of reasons for not wanting to have a dog at home. It could be due to allergies, phobias, asthma, and many more. 

If you think you fall into this kind of category, we have a suggestion for you. Why not get one of our mini blocks dog models? Well, it's not the same thing as a real dog, of course, but it can still provide a lot of benefits that a real dog can give. 

Block-Center is an e-commerce company that focuses on selling construction puzzle games. The company provides different variants for their customers. There are flower shops, religious characters, buildings, and most importantly, there is the dog variants which is considered to be one of the best sellers. 

These mini blocks game sets are comprised of a ton of puzzle pieces that one has to put together to assemble the character of the game. Not to worry because the package comes with an easy-to-follow instruction so that anyone would be able to understand how to put together the character. 

Some of the best dog variants that we have are Dachshund, Jack Russel, Schnauzer, and Husky. 

Putting together this construction game is so much fun. A lot of people think that building blocks is only for children. These types of toys do make a wonderful gift for kids, many of our customers also buy these for themselves. 

Construction games are both fun and educational. It is educational in the sense that it develops your logical and creative thinking. All that mixing and matching of different blocks will activate your brain cells even more. 

If you’re looking for a new hobby then this could be it. It literally has everything you can ever look for. It’s fun. It makes you a whole lot smarter. It also brings out your collector side. Just like we said, there are different variants available for our construction puzzle toys. You can start with our dog sets and then you can move on to much more difficult arenas. Once you’ve collected enough variants, they can serve as decoration in the living room or even your very own bedroom. You are sure to love them because they have quite an aesthetic appeal. 

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