4 Impawssibly Awesome Gifts for Dog Lovers of Any Age

4 Impawssibly Awesome Gifts for Dog Lovers of Any Age

Awesome Gifts for Dog Lovers of Any Age

Over 60 million households have a dog, making them one of the most popular pets in America. And there’s a good reason why!

Their loyalty, energy, and companionship lead many people to view them as part of the family. Chances are, you have at least one friend who considers themselves a proud dog parent.

So, when their birthday or the holidays roll around, you’ll want to find the perfect gifts for dog lovers to make both them and their pooch happy.

Do you need some inspiration? Keep reading to discover the best gifts any dog owner would love.

1. Dog Building Block Set

Is your friend creative? Are they a fan of puzzles? Then they’d love a dog-themed building block set!

They’ll have a blast creating a 3D image of an adorable pup out of small blocks. Plus, they’ll be able to keep in as a unique and cute piece of home decor.

With dachshund, jack russell, husky, schnauzer, Pembroke Welsh corgi, poodle, dalmatian, bulldog, and pomeranian sets available, you'll be able to make this gift even more special by choosing your friend's favorite dog breed!

2. Personalized Dog Items

Do you already have something in mind for your friend? Whether it’s a piece of artwork, a mug, or a blanket, chances are you can upgrade it with a picture of their furry friend.

Just search their social media pages for an adorable picture of their dog, and send it off with your order to a company that specializes in personalized gifts.

3. Pup and Owner Matching Clothes

Nothing is cuter than taking those family photos on Christmas morning in matching pajamas. But if your friend considers their dog part of the family, they may be bummed that their pooch can’t join in on the fun.

You can surprise your friend by gifting them a matching dog and owner pajama set!

If they aren’t a fan of this classic Christmas picture, you can also find matching t-shirts or sweatshirts, so your friend and their pup can match when they go out for walks or to the dog park. There are even options to personalize these shirts with a photo of your friend with their dog to make it even more special.

4. Selfie Ball

A common struggle amongst pet owners is trying to get their furry friend to stay still for a selfie. If you’re friend shares this problem, consider getting them a selfie ball.

This is basically a tennis ball that attaches to the top of their phone. Their pup will be so mesmerized by the ball that your friend will finally be able to snap Instagram-worthy pet pics without all the hassle.

The Best Gifts for Dog Lovers

Don’t get your friend the first gift you see. Instead, follow our guide to the best gifts for dog lovers to ensure you give them a truly special gift.

Are you more of a cat person yourself? If you want a fun and creative way to spend your weekend, check out these cat building block sets today!

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