Everything Magical About Unicorns

Everything Magical About Unicorns

Unicorn nanoblocks

People say that unicorns aren’t real but that doesn’t mean that they never had an impact on world history.

These characters are quite mystical. The only time we ever get to see them is when they’re featured in some of our favorite fiction movies. 

But there is more to them than what movies show us. 

Here are some things you probably didn’t know about unicorns. 

Unicorns Once Really Did Roam The Earth

Even Julius Caesar confirmed that he did see one in the forest but it wasn’t long before people realized that unicorns weren’t really as magical as how they are depicted in myths and legends. 

As a matter of fact, the real unicorn didn’t even look like a horse. It’s more of a giant rhinoceros. This is, of course, disappointing for some people, but hey, at least they weren’t much of a myth after all. 


The Horn Of A Unicorn Is Worth 10 Times Its Weight In Gold

Kids love unicorns. One of the reasons would probably be that the horn of these creatures is said to have magical powers. 

However, when kids grow up, they might find themselves pretty disappointed to have realized that the horns really aren’t as magical as they first imagined. 

But there’s good news. The horn may not be magical but it most certainly is worth a lot of money. 

There Was Really A Time When People Believed In The Powers Of The Unicorn

Until 1741, people sold powdered unicorn horn in pharmacies. It was believed to be an elixir for pains and aches. 

However, it wasn’t long before someone found out that it wasn’t really a unicorn’s horn. It was a narwal’s horn. 

Apparently, people didn’t always know that unicorns were really a rhinoceros. There was a time when these myths qualified as the real thing. 

Unicorn Horns Were Quite The Trend Back In The Days

There was a time when people would really spend big bucks just to get a unicorn horn. However, as we’ve said, it wasn’t really the horn of a unicorn at all but of a narwal. 

Even Queen Elizabeth I spent about $6 million for these horns which she used as a scepter. 

Lancelot, The Unicorn

A circus company once made lots of money advertising that they have a real unicorn. People didn’t know it at the time, but the animal that was used to portray as a unicorn was actually a goat. 

The goat just happened to have some kind of physical disability. It had a really longhorn that is quite similar to the horn of a unicorn. 

Magical unicorns may not exist for real but that doesn’t mean that you should give up on your kids’ hope in seeing one. 

We don’t claim to know the magical rainbow where you’ll find a real unicorn but what we have for you is some unicorn brick sets which children and even you can enjoy assembling. 

The item comes in authentic and realistic colors. With its three-dimensional design, you’d feel like you’re actually looking at a real-life mini unicorn

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