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Childhood gift

There are lots of perks to being an adult. You get to do whatever it is you want primarily because you have all the resources. You have a job. You get your salary.

And because you have all of that, it also goes to show that you have permission to do whatever you please (as long as it corresponds with law and order of course). 

But our childhood gave us a lot to laugh and smile about as well. We have the rest of our lives to live as an adult, whereas you can only count the days you have as a child. 

With that, it is important for most parents to have records of their child’s youth. They want to be able to show this to their child was the kid gets older. 

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting to preserve the memories of young people, there are times when you, yourself, also need to do some reminiscing of your childhood. 

There’s no better way to do so than to go get yourself a couple of sets of mini-blocks from Block-Center. 

Just a couple of things about mini-blocks. They are not all for kids. Due to the recent evolution with building blocks, there are now new sets that are a lot more complex. They are designed for grown-ups like us. 



Mini-Blocks: What It Says About Your Childhood

The thing with mini-blocks is that it reminds you about those days when you used to play building blocks with either your young friends or even your parents. 

Building blocks hold a lot of memories. 

Sure, some kids grow up and develop an interest in other games. However, one cannot simply deny that we all went through a stage when building blocks were our first favorite toy. 

As a matter of fact, it is most people’s first toy

There comes a time in your life when your building blocks was the main thing that gave you joy when you were still a kid. 

You loved playing with it. 

And then due to the wonderful aspects of this toy, you come to learn and develop your creativity, logic, and even social skills.

Before you know it, playing all by yourself doesn’t seem that fun anymore. 

You start to ask some of your siblings or other acquaintances to come and play with you. 

At first, it was just some game. 

But later on, the bonding starts to develop. 

And before long, you just found your long-time bestie. 

Days, weeks, and months go by, and you and your bestie get tired of playing with the same old building blocks. 

And so you ask your parents to buy you a new set. 

Your dad arrives home carrying the toy that you asked for. You were jumping up and down with joy. 

There you are again with your friend playing with your new game. 

You are back to the same old routine.

Years go by and you start to play other games like basketball and videogames. 

But you have to admit that all the skills that you have that contribute to how good you are at the things you have now once started with that one game: building blocks. 

Mini-blocks might be just some simple piece of toy but for a lot of us, these things hold a lot of memories. 

Childhood usually comes with a lot of things but you would have known that all those memories could be kept in just one box of building blocks? 

Are you ready to keep and store your kid memories at home as well?

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