2019’s Most Popular Block sets for Kids & Adults This Christmas

2019’s Most Popular Block sets for Kids & Adults This Christmas

We know it’s only September but the Christmas toy predictions are rolling in and there’s no way of hiding from them. Some parents like getting ahead of the game, while others prefer to wait until we hit December before thinking about the festive season. 

We’re seeing growing demand for toys that encourage kids to get active. Parents are telling us that they want to buy toys which encourage their children to spend less time looking at a screen, and more time playing games that get them thinking.

Most of the sets won’t be available in-store and online until autumn 2018, but you can have an early peek at what they look like in the gallery below. 

1. Dachshund Dog

Weiner dogs are super-popular right now and with this adorable model, it's easy to see why. The design is the perfect mix of cartoonish cuteness and full-on realism.

2. Flamingo

Put together 730 bricks to make this pink Flamingo! Pink it's a new obsession, cause today it just goes with the fashion.

3. Rainbow Unicorn

Unicorns are the hottest trend and are adored by all ages. So who wouldn't want this awesome unicorn set to build and display?

Get a head start before the mad rush begins 😏

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