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New Gift Trends for Dog Lovers in 2019

Dogs lovers

Dogs are a man’s best friend and it shows.  After all, almost half of all dog lovers prefer snuggling up with their furry pals over their own partners!  The bond between dogs and their humans is unshakable, and one of the greatest loves of a pet owner’s life. Indulging in that passion makes for a perfect present. Here are some great new gifts for dog lovers in 2019!

1. Dog Building Block Set

The only thing better for a dog lover than a dog is more dogs.  Unfortunately, animals are both expensive and time-consuming to care for, so rather than get your dog-loving friend a new pet, consider getting them a dog-themed building block set!

These building block sets are a great idea for the dog lover who also likes building, crafting, or solving puzzles.  There are few things more satisfying than putting something together with your own hands, and the fun of completing these sets can be enjoyed by the whole family.  Best of all, at the end of it, your dog-loving friend will have a new, adorable canine companion--and this one won’t need to be walked!

These 3D puzzles come in a wide variety of different breed models, including schnauzers, huskies, corgis, beagles, poodles, dalmatians, and more, so make your gift extra special by getting your dog-lover their favorite.

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2. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets help reduce anxiety in humans by providing them with physical, sensory feedback.  When used correctly, it feels like a loving hug. Did you know, though, that weighted blankets also reduce anxiety in dogs?

Especially for smaller dogs like Dachshunds and schnauzers, which are more easily prone to stress, being wrapped in a weighted blanket may help them calm down in times of heightened anxiety.  If you have a dog-loving friend with a nervous pup that they don’t know how to help, a weighted blanket may be the key to peace of mind for both them and their furry friend.

3. Travel Bowls

Some dog lovers can’t bear to be separated from their canine companions.  If they had it their way, they’d never be apart. With travel bowls, now they don’t (technically) need to.

For your dog-loving friend with separation anxiety, travel bowls are great gift to let them get out of the house and take Fido with them, no matter where they go or how long they’re gone.  With a set of two bowls--one for food and the other for water--your friend will be all set to hit the streets, with their dog always at their side.

3. A Good Leash

Leashes are as varied as the clothes we wear.  Different lengths, strengths, materials, colors, handles, snaps, elasticity, and collars all make for a very different dog-walking experience.  First-time dog owners are especially likely to grab a cheap leash off the rack at their local pet store rather than invest time and money into a leash of higher quality.

Throw your dog-loving friend a bone and get them a leash that will give them a better dog-walking experience.  Consider one that can be adjusted to the perfect length for their dog, or one that’s made of a more durable material than the standard nylon--leather and chain are both popular choices.

4. Dog Magazine

Help your dog-loving friend stay on top of the latest doggy trends by getting them a subscription to a dog-themed magazine!  These publications are for dog lovers, by dog lovers, so you’ll be getting your friend a gift not only of entertainment, but also of community.

These magazines provide well-researched and in-depth articles about owning and training dogs, including advice and product reviews.  Even if your dog-loving friend doesn’t have a pup of their own, these magazines can help connect them to other dog-loving individuals and prepare them for future ownership!


The Best Gift for Man’s Best Friend

You know your friends best.  The most important part of buying a gift is to just think about what will make the recipient truly happy.  The passion of a dog lover is seldom matched, so indulge them and let them go wild!

Is your friend more of cat person?  Don’t worry--we still have you covered!

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