Mini-Blocks Building Sets Is All About Capturing Memories

Mini-Blocks Building Sets Is All About Capturing Memories

Whether you are a doctor, engineer, businessman, or CEO of a huge company, you all remember a time when your biggest happiness would be to come home from school and play with your precious building blocks games. 

You would make models of dinosaurs, airplanes, helicopters, castles, and basically anything that crosses your imagination. 

No one can say for sure what makes building blocks so fun because this game was undoubtedly a hit for children. 

If you’re lucky at school, you’d call dibs on the building blocks game in the classroom and you’ll be able to play with them until the end of recess time. 

Now years had passed and you’re already raising a son or a daughter. You’re also already at the prime time of your career. 


It has been years since the last time you played building blocks but over the course of the years, the little memories that you have playing these games could have been one of the biggest contributors to your success today. 

Research from Indiana University suggests that building blocks can improve the spatial and logical abilities of a child to a great degree. 

Now that you are where you are, what’s the next thing to do? 

It would be great to be able to reminisce building blocks memories with your kid. 

Aside from the satisfaction of being able to relive the good old days, you also get to bequeath your old playing routines to your child. 

Do you remember how wonderful it was to be able to piece together various patterns and turn them into something good? Do you recall the glee and pride that you feel with your finished product? 

As a parent, that’s the kind of feelings you’d want to transfer to your kids. 

Playing building blocks not only helps you relive the old days but it can also aid you in bridging whatever gap you have between you and your kid. 

He’d be holding the pieces and you’ll be reading to him the instructions manual. Your kid will be mixing and matching patterns together. Some go quite well but there are few pieces that just don’t go quite right. So that’s when you take some of the pieces and show to your kid where he went wrong and how it is actually done. 

Your kid will start to paint a smile on his face in awe of the new invention that both of you worked together to produce as well as in amazement of how good are at playing building blocks.  

The routine could go on for a while until your kid starts to get better at the game himself. Before you know it, he’d be the one showing you all the finished building blocks models that he was able to finish on his own. 

And then he’d have a collection of all his building blocks on his bedroom. 

Time will pass and the memories of playing building blocks will still have a soft space in his heart. 

The times he spent playing these games helped him to be both intelligent and creative. It aided him in achieving what he long dreamed of attaining. 

Up to that day, he still reminisces about playing building blocks with his parents just as how it was when he was still a kid. 

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