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7 Calico Cats Fun Facts

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Calico cats are known for their unique, multi-colored fur patterns. These felines are typically white with orange and black spots, but they can also have gray or cream-colored spots. Here are some fun facts about Calico cats:
    1. Calico cats are almost always female. This is because the gene that causes the Calico color pattern is located on the X chromosome, and females have two X chromosomes, while males have one X and one Y chromosome.
    2. Calico cats are considered to be good luck in many cultures. In Japan, they are known as "mi-ke," which means "three fur."
    3. Calico cats have a higher incidence of genetic disorders. Due to the presence of two different color genes, Calico cats have a higher chance of inheriting certain genetic disorders.

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  1. Not all Calico cats have the same pattern. Calico cats can have different patterns, such as blotched or mackerel.
  2. Calico cats can have different eye colors. Some Calico cats have one eye that is blue and the other eye that is green or even a different color.
  3. Some Calico cats have a patch of white fur on their forehead in the shape of a "M" or "W". This is known as a "thumbprint" and is considered to be a lucky sign.
  4. Calico cats are not a specific breed. Calico is a color pattern, not a breed of cat.
In the end, if you love calico cats and want to show your affection for them, you can get our Calico Cat Blocks Sets and other cat breeds in our blocks sets collection. It's a fun way to show your love for these unique felines.

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